Biskop Willimon om Knausgård

Medan alla diskuterar Knausgård cykloper vill vi tipsa om denna text av biskop William Willimon. Han besökte Sverige & Norge i början av året och då tipsades om ”Norges Proust”. Som många andra blev han fast, och har nu plöjt de fyra första delarna (”I’ve never known an interesting preacher or a persevering pastor who was not also a ravenous reader”, som han konstaterar i början av sin text…). Följande citat är talande i relation till den pågående debatten:

And yet there is something addictive about My Struggle. After a few hundred pages, you begin to trust Knausgaard. It’s not that he is incapable of dissembling; it’s just that he probably doesn’t worry enough about your reactions to take the trouble to lie. His candor and directness are disarming. Like Proust, he reports thoughts that I might have had but would never write down. The writing is sparse and free of pretense, hyperbole, and sentimentality. He shows no interest in politics or what’s in the news. We come to believe that we really know the truth about him. It’s not very dramatic or stirring truth, but it is still truth. His frank display of banality is experienced as disarming transparency. We want to stop, doubting that this reading is doing us much good, but we can’t. Unembellished candor has its own magnetism.

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