Helgonens och kärlekens vetenskap


Den heliga Thérèse av Lisieux utklädd till den heliga Jeanne d'Arc
Den heliga Thérèse av Lisieux utklädd till den heliga Jeanne d’Arc

Den 30 september 1897 dog den heliga och ”lilla” Thérèse av Jesusbarnet och av det Heliga Anletet. Idag firar den Katolska kyrkan sin kyrkolärares minnesdag. Läs gärna påven Benedicts generalaudiens om henne:

Dear friends, we too, with St Thérèse of the Child Jesus must be able to repeat to the Lord every day that we want to live of love for him and for others, to learn at the school of the saints to love authentically and totally. Thérèse is one of the “little” ones of the Gospel who let themselves be led by God to the depths of his Mystery. A guide for all, especially those who, in the People of God, carry out their ministry as theologians. With humility and charity, faith and hope, Thérèse continually entered the heart of Sacred Scripture which contains the Mystery of Christ. And this interpretation of the Bible, nourished by the science of love, is not in opposition to academic knowledge. The science of the saints, in fact, of which she herself speaks on the last page of her The Story of a Soul, is the loftiest science. [källa]


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