Kreativt läsande

Alan Jacobs, som skrivit den fina boken The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction, har just lagt upp Dorothy L. Sayers reflektioner kring ”kreativt läsande”. Hon börjar med att förklara hur man inte ska göra:

Do not, I implore you, continue in that indolent and soul-destroying habit of picking up a book “to distract your mind” (“distract” is the word for it) or “to knock down time” (there is only too little time already, and it will knock us down soon enough). The only respectable reason for reading a book is that you want to know what is in it. Do not choose your literature by the half-witted process of asking the young woman at the library for “a nice book” and enquiring anxiously of her, “Shall I like it?” Subscribe to a decently serious paper, read the reviews and order what you think will interest you. (Study the publishers’ lists too, by all means, bearing in mind that the “blurb” is written to sell the book and is therefore not an expression of free criticism. Do not be too much put off either; many a good book has a sickening blurb.)

Läs vidare här för att se hur man i stället ska läsa! (Och om du vill läsa mer, fortsätt här, där Jacobs kommenterar läsning ytterligare, i dialog med Sayers och sin tidigare bok.)


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